Meet Us

We are Ian and Rose, the husband-and-wife photography team behind Hungry Soles Studios; a wedding and lifestyle photography studio based in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. When we are not in events, we spend most of our time with our little boy, Lukas.

Our studio specializes in documenting weddings and all life celebrations. Our images are mostly candid and unobtrusive because we believe that the best moments are the raw and real ones. We wanted it clean, vibrant and crisp. We wanted to capture you as you truly are, in ways you’ve never been able to see before. We also wanted our photos to look the way they looked and felt in the moment.

Our God-given skills has given us the opportunity to not just allow us to do what we love as a profession but also build relationships with people in the process. We are passionate in delivering personally crafted memories in our photographs. Something that is truly worth telling in the generations to come. There is no greater feeling than seeing our work forever impacted our clients and their families.

All weddings and portrait sessions are personally handled by Ian and Rose.

Why Hungry Soles?

“Hungry” describes our passion and eagerness to learn and improve in our craft. It is our desire to consistently tell stories through beautiful, personally crafted photographs.

The “Soles” represents the people we photograph from all walks of life. It can be a bride walking down the aisle, or a couple stepping into their new life together; or of 1 year old’s learning first how to walk.

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